Since 2010 Pastor Olive Barnor has been leading Olive Tree Praise; the heart of her leadership is her mandate to serve God and serve her community.

She is dedicated to building and elevating people to find their life’s purpose and she has a strong passion for seeing families restored and whole. Pastor Olive has a soft spot for youth and inspires them to lead wherever they are in life.

Pastor Olive and her husband Robert live in Sutton with their children and many grandchildren.

Olive Tree Praise Church is that home, I’d been looking for. I’ve never seen so much love in one place.
— Stacy, Member

the difference we've made

  • Working with Parents and Children in the Carshalton, Sutton Community.

  • Organised Family events

  • Provided a safe place for youth to socialise on a monthly basis, with food and entertainment.

  • Working within the local custodial sector

  • Community wide breakfast mornings.

  • Mentoring and volunteering with vulnerable and young persons.