We're often asked about our name; Olive Tree Praise, and its something we love to talk about. It’s significant because olive trees in the Bible are important.

Every single part of the olive tree is valuable...Just like each of us at Olive Tree Praise.

Not only was the oil from olive trees used to anoint Kings, or represented the Holy Spirit in scripture but because every single part of the olive tree was and remains valuable. Every single part has a purpose. From the leaves to the roots. No one part is worthless. Just like each of us at Olive Tree Praise. We each have a purpose that makes us come alive. Its wonderful when you finally ‘get’ you.


The ‘Praise’ in our name comes from the response we have once we come to know that Christ has set us free from our past, washed us and made us new. We’re thrilled to be a part of His family.

Discover your purpose

You too can discover your God-given purpose. Whether you’ve just not figured out who you’re meant to be or you’re close but it’s just out of reach - get in touch, we’d love to help. We’re all about People, Purpose and Praise.