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Life can be messy... But life with Christ, is marvellous. He loves and wants us as we are right now, even with all our imperfections. 

At Olive Tree Praise Church we exist to tell all about this awesome God who loves unconditionally! He is the ONLY God who accepts each one of us as messy and broken as we are. He doesn't require perfection BEFORE accepting us.


His goodness and love has set us free from guilt, and despair. It is making us WHOLE. Why wouldn't we want to share about Him with others? 

Worship at Olive Tree Praise is an unforgettable time of celebration and community for you, your family  and friends.

We welcome all, from every background or brokeness, families and individuals, lost and searching, young and old. We're praying for you and we've got a seat saved just for you.


Christmas 2018


Ready to take the next step? You don't have to be alone on this journey called life. Take a look at at the OTP Small Groups and see which suits you best.